Strength in Community, Power in Connection: A Call to Action for All Native People

  Throughout my years working in American Native communities, one of the most important lessons I’ve learned is the power of relationship. From the level of community, to family and other interpersonal levels of healing, relationship has been a most necessary catalyst. In the spring of 2018, along with my colleagues at Thrive Unltd., we […]

Wellness Training Seminar Coming to Norman, Oklahoma: “Re:Define – Healing Trauma in Native American Communities”

Thrive Unltd. is a leadership and wellness training company which is Native-owned and operated. It is located in northeast Oklahoma. The company’s primary focus is advocating and providing culturally competent solutions for mental, emotional, and behavioral health within Native American communities. Jeremy Fields is the founder and director of Thrive Unltd. and, presently, he is […]