Southern Plains Tribal Health Board

The SPTHB provides a variety of native-centric services to tribal nations, area health boards, tribal organizations, federal agencies, private foundations, as well as federal, state, and local partners.

We strive to present the tribal perspective while monitoring federal legislation, and opening opportunities to network with other state and national health care organizations to engage their support on Indian health care issues including:

  • American Indian Diversity Training Services
  • Develop and host Community Support Groups
  • Provide Advocacy and Training
    • Tribal Public Health Legislation
    • American Indian Health policy
    • Data collection and surveillance
  • Program Development and Assessment
  • Training and Technical Assistance Programs
  • Experiential Education and/or Volunteering
  • Patient Education Materials
  • Annual Public Health Conference
  • Questionnaire design and implementation
  • Internship Opportunities

Oklahoma Tribal Epidemiology Center

The mission of the Oklahoma Area Tribal Epidemiology Center (OKTEC) is to collaborate with Southern Plains American Indian tribes to provide health-related research, surveillance, training and technical assistance to improve the quality of life of American Indians and Alaskan Natives (AI/AN).

The OKTEC is one of 12 national tribal epidemiology centers across the country. A tribal TEC works with tribes (in their geographical area) in collecting tribal and community public health profiles, data evaluations, monitoring and delivery systems, as well as assisting tribes in identifying local priorities for healthcare delivery and health education.

The OKTEC serves the 43 federally recognized tribal nations in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas.