Understanding Our Technical Assistance

Southern Plains Tribal Health Board (SPTHB) and the Oklahoma Tribal Epidemiology Center (OKTEC) provide Technical Assistance to tribes, tribal organizations, state departments, and other tribal community focused organizations.

Technical Assistance represents a working relationship between the individual, a program, or an organization requesting the assistance of SPTHB staff and resources. This includes a commitment to understand and respond to the needs of the requester. Assistance can range in a variety of different topics or areas including, but not limited to:

  • The exchange and/or the provision of resources or information
  • Program development or implementation
  • Program maintenance
  • Evaluation
  • Identification of health priority areas and
  • Data access, collection, and management

Technical Assistance will involve a commitment of time from both SPTHB staff and the requester for the purpose of building capacity and increasing internal infrastructure. Please submit any questions or details of your request below.